List of TV show I should watch and/or finish watching to understand the people fI’m fallowing, and looks really interesting.

  • Merlin 
  • Buffy 
  • supernatural
  • Doctor who ( I start it! I was totally into it! then Scott deleted my save tab, wasss pisss. He wash the dishes for that!)
  • White Collar

I already watch and love:

  • Harry potter ( all movies, read books in both french and English cause I’m that hard core)
  • Sherlock (YEEESSSS)
  • Glee
  • All marvel movies ( IRON MEN FAN HERE! Well Iron men is second now Agent Coulson is like first, second and third.)
  • Teen Wolf WAS NOT ON THE LIST DAMMIT STEREK ( watch all episodes in 3days.)

should really sit down and read Games of Throne in one go, if I like in the end, Scott will be happy and we could watch the first season.

what else should I watch?


HOHOHO Avengers (Earth mightiest heroes) season 2!!! that’s on my list too.