Are any of you reading this coffee shop AU /fuckbuddies trope WIP cuz I AM AND I AM LOVING IT and I am telling you about it now and not when it is actually finished because it just updated with a new part and when I got to the PLOT TWIST I actually gasped like I was on broadway.


mklutz is right about TW fandom needing some cheering up via ridiculous romance, so let’s play a “waiting for new Teen Wolf omg it’s Monday” fic prompt game. 

Reblog this post with a romance novel cover and I’ll write a paragraph or two of it as Sterek. Front and back cover works best, but I’ll settle for front cover and publisher’s book description. 

Go wild, but NO BEAR. Anyone who reblogs with Bear is FIRED. 

Cecilia Ahern, thanks for the memories. 

sorry if the pictures are big? :D



Andythanfiction aka Amy Player, VoyagerBabe, Strwriter, VB, Victoria Bitter, Jordan Woods, Mr. Frodo, and Andrew (Andy) Blake.

This is a message to the whole Teen Wolf Fandom: If you get this message, please do not engage. Block this person and stay away from them. And most importantly, warn others. They are a Cult Leader known from other fandoms such as LoTR and SPN. And apparently they’ve started to message TW blogs

Please be extremely careful, this person is dangerous. Some links to understand what I’m talking about:

We need to warn as many people as possible. After reading what this person has done to other fandoms, I don’t want him hurting any of my friends or anyone else in the TW fandom. I see some of my mutuals have received his message and in some cases replied to him already. Please stay away!! Be careful!! I don’t usually get involved in things like this but I’m honestly worried about this person hurting our fandom.

Please, reblog and spread the word as much as you can!

Guys pleas please be careful!!! Spread this to as many people as possible and warn your friends. Do not engage under any circumstances!!

Please stay safe and come talk to me or any one you know you can trust if you need any help!!

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Coming Soon To A Theater Near You

Yes please! it’s awesome!
“It’s a slow burn, but it’s burning.”
— Linden @ DOTW on the Sheriff and Melissa (via bleep0bleep)

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Raise your hand if you’ve joined a fandom because you saw it on Tumblr.


if u feel sad or whatever just remember that






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